About Free Bread

Free Bread's founder, Karen Freer, was diagnosed with celiac disease as an adult. During those first few challenging months, she found that the only thing she really missed was bread -- hearty, crusty, seedy, toothy bread. Always a sucker for a challenge, Karen soon set out to achieve a nearly impossible and often outrageously frustrating goal -- to make gluten-free bread taste, look, and feel delicious by any means necessary. After dozens and dozens of abysmal flops (our uglies are now our croutons!), she finally created some recipes that were deemed delicious by not only her fellow gluten-free friends, but her gluten-loving friends, colleagues, and even strangers. Before she had the chance to change her mind, Free Bread was off and running, and she hasn't looked back since. The growth of Free Bread is due to the immeasurable efforts put forth by a few of Free Bread's earliest employees, their loyalty and trust has helped Free Bread grow into an outstanding staff of men and women from all over the world.